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5 Tips On How To Have A Covid-Free Valentines In 2021

Cocktails in a bar, candlelit dinner, and couple’s massages might be off the menu for many this Valentine's Day. 

Most people avoid the outdoors as much as they can, not just because of the growing cases of Covid-1d, but also because of the new virus strain that’s been reported to infect people faster. 

In October 2020, the Public Health England reported  those who tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 2 months disclosed “eating out was the most commonly reported activity” 2-7 days before experiencing any symptoms. 

Scotland also reports a similar outcome. They said that a quarter of those who reported positive of Covid-19 was either in a café, pub, or restaurant a week earlier. 

Knowing the pandemic had and still has a huge negative impact on the restaurant industry isn’t guesswork.  

Think too of salons and spas whose main services involve physically touching clients. 

Gone are the days for spontaneous foot traffic for the hospitality industry. Almost all errands and activities people do outside their homes are planned and are mostly just for essential purposes. 

How Will Your Business Fare During Valentine’s Day?

With safety still a risk in the outdoors, people have been innovative enough to plan out pandemic-safe celebrations like virtual dates, stay-at-home dates, spa dates at home. 

If you own a spa, a salon, a pub, a café, a restaurant, or another business that used to thrive during Valentine’s season, does this home celebration plans mean you’ll be left brokenhearted with no clients for this special day?

Not necessarily.

While people, in general, will prefer to stay indoors nowadays and do a home version of their usual outdoor tradition, you can still draw out people’s confidence to celebrate Valentines with you if you amp up the sense of security you can provide them.  

The excellent services and you offer used to draw people to your business. 

But since the pandemic entered into the story patrons and potential ones will surely consider not just your good service but the safety you can offer. 

After all, no one wants to head home after a good time anxious about whether they have been exposed to the virus or not. 

What can you do? 

The main goal is to make your clients confident about visiting your restaurant, spa, or salon. With the ongoing pandemic, this might add a new layer of planning for you, but when you see the results, you’ll realize it’s worth it. 

 If celebrating with you was out of people’s original Valentine's plan, how can you make them reconsider?

Reach out to them by calling them or by being more active online. 


If you have a contact list of your patrons, call to inform them of the safety measures you put in place to ensure their safe visit. 

If you haven’t yet, set up a Facebook page, or even a website to get people more acquainted with your services and pandemic safety measures. 

What should you tell them?

Here are 5 tips to ensure them of a Covid-free celebration with you.

  1. Offer Outdoor Dining

For restaurants and food establishments, if space allows, set up tables outdoors for more airflow. The enclosed indoor setting makes it riskier to catch the airborne virus. However, if patrons can dine outdoors, they don’t only enjoy better airflow, but also ensure social distancing from other patrons. 

  1. Redesign The Space To Follow Social Distancing Protocols

This is one of the most effective ways to limit contact with other people. Almost all establishments have done space modifications to keep people at a safe distance from others. 

First, for restaurants, you can move tables farther from each other and arrange seats so as not to get face-to-face with people from another group. 

For salons who usually have chairs lining up, you can alternate seat availability, so people won’t be seating next to each other. 

Second, Plexiglass barriers or curtains can be set up to block or deflect airflow.

Third, put floor markers to guide people where to stand so they can keep a safe distance from others especially in queues. 

Fourth, if you have air conditioners or fans, don’t direct the air in the path of where people sit. Point the blades upward if you can. This is so the droplets from a person won’t be blown away to another. 

  1. Online Booking For Reservations Health Forms Filling

This is to avoid a queue of people waiting for their turn so you can limit the number of people around. The lesser the number of people, the lesser chance of contracting the virus.

Filling in health forms and contact tracing forms are another reason why you need your business to be visible online. Having an online representation of your business will make contacting and sending forms more efficient. 

  1. Surface And Equipment Disinfection

 You can also show the process of sanitizing the space and tools in between accepting customers. This will make them confident they’ll be occupying a virus-free space and using sanitized equipment.

  1. Install Sanitizer Stations

Encouraging hand hygiene practice is one of the best preventions you can put in place. 

It’s unavoidable for people to touch common surfaces, when paying in cash, they’ll be in touch with germ-infested bills. 

Non-sanitized hands are one of the riskiest and common ways to get the virus. 

To ensure people will be constantly conscious of hand hygiene, a functional visible reminder like a hand sanitizer stand is one of the best solutions. 

Not only will they see and get reminded of hand hygiene every time, but they’ll also be moved to practice it since it’s so convenient to use. 


Bonus Tip For Restaurants

Did you know turning down the music can help lessen the spread of the virus?

Think about it:

If the music is on high volume, people tend to talk louder, emitting more saliva droplets out. 

On the other hand, if the background music allows for people to speak in a low voice, fewer saliva droplets will be released. 

The Bottom Line

People will want to make a memorable day out of Valentine's. (in a good way of course)

They want to get reminded of it as a wonderful day they spent with loved ones. 

If you can show them ahead and offer the confidence people need, they’ll reconsider their original plans of celebrating at home, and involves you in this love-filled celebration. 

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