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Hand Hygiene For A Fully Enjoyable, Safe, And Relaxing Love Month

Hand Hygiene For A Fully Enjoyable, Safe, And Relaxing Love Month

Love is in the air for the month of February, but so is Covid-19.

While people might want to make this day extra special, their plans will always have safety measures in mind.

Some might plan a quick getaway while others who think it’s too much of a hassle and a risk settle for a day of pampering in a spa or salon and cap the day off with a romantic restaurant date. 

Others who are more cautious though would rather spend it at home either cooking or ordering a hearty meal instead while watching a good old romantic movie. 

If you’re a restaurant, spa, salon, or any other business offering services that people frequent during the season of love, how do you encourage people to make you a part of their celebration? How can you help them spread love, and not Covid-19?

Spa And Salon Owners

People always go for a fresh and lovely fix to make a romantic date extra special. Others see it as a good time for some relaxation and pampering in a massage spa. 


People will want a visit to your salon or spa, but many times, their safety is holding them back. What do you do to give them the peace of mind and confidence for their safety while getting pampered? 


The CDC.gov has outlined some precautions we want to share with you. 

  • Appoint an on-site workplace coordinator who will take responsibility for assessment and control
  • Require workers to wear basic personal protective equipment like face masks, and when possible, overalls
  • Implement sick leave policies that encourage sick workers to stay at home
  • Conduct regular health checks for employees and clients
  • Modify workstations and use visual cues like arrow stickers to maintain social distancing and put-up physical barriers when possible
  • Keep the workspace fully ventilated
  • Make an online payment option available to eliminate contact points
  • Sterilize and sanitize equipment used from on patron to another like scissors and hairbrush
  • Place hand hygiene stations, touch-free where possible


No celebration is complete with a special hearty meal. A sumptuous meal makes the day extra memorable. 

However, although the CDC reports there is no evidence that suggests the virus is spread in eating or handling food they also reported that a recent study revealed scientists those who tested positive for Covid-19 frequented restaurant dining more than those who tested negative for the virus. 

Because of this, many still have apprehensions about celebrating Valentines is a restaurant. 


What can you do to encourage people to dine at your place? Here are prevention practices offered by the CDC.

  • Modify dining tables and use arrow stickers to help maintain social distancing
  • Ensure full ventilation
  • If possible, allow for outdoor seating like a tent setup
  • Provide an online information facility for patrons to check required precaution guidelines ahead like wearing masks while not eating or drinking, and an online menu so check for safer ordering
  • Provide individual condiment packets to avoid contact points from previous patrons using the table
  • Place hand hygiene stations, touch-free where possible

Grocery Stores, Gift Shops, Shopping Malls

Although some would prefer to celebrate at home, they’d still inevitably go out to get something prepared for the occasion. 

Maybe they’d buy a fancy dress to make the event more special, buy a gift for their loved one, and of course, do some grocery shopping to prepare a special meal. (That’s if they decide not to have food delivered)

What can you do to keep your business a safe place to shop?

Unlike spas, salons, and restaurants, people will stay relatively lesser time in shopping places. However, precautions still need to be put in place to keep employees and customers as safe as possible. 

If you own a grocery store, a gift shop, or a shopping mall, you can:

  • Keep social distancing a requirement by placing visual cues for queues. (oh it rhymes!)
  • Make online payment options available
  • Put up physical barriers in counters when possible
  • Conduct regular health checks for employees and clients
  • Make a touch-free hand sanitizer station readily available

If you’ve noticed in the various settings, social distancing, eliminating contact points, and putting up sanitizer stations are the most common precautions, and for good reason.

Surface contact is one of the major causes of virus spread, if you can keep your hands free from the virus, you help keep surfaces stay virus-free too. 

Other than this, having a touch-free hand sanitizer station visible and readily available plays a significant role in helping clients confidently visit your establishment knowing that you as the business owner have safety as the priority. 

By keeping your clients safe, they’ll have a fully enjoyable and memorable love month because they have been pampered, offered food service, and did shopping without contacting the virus because you helped spread love and not the virus. 

If you make clients happy and safe, they’ll keep coming back to you for every celebration they’ll want to enjoy and feel safe about. 

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