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How Much Does A Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Cost?

How Much Does A Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Cost?

Jodi Rell once said, “At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security”. 

Since the start of the pandemic, the demand for hand hygiene equipment has surged. On Amazon alone, you can find touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers with prices ranging from $119 to $135.

But the questions are:

Does the hand sanitizer dispenser cost determine its quality? Is a cheaper version of a touch-free hand sanitizer mean it’s more cost-effective?

Rather than just looking at the price itself, it’s better to consider the cost factors. 

Understanding what goes into the cost helps you understand better how a touch-free hand sanitizer is priced. This way, you can wisely decide which touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser is best for your business. 

Here are some factors you can keep in mind:

  1. The Package

Some automatic hand sanitizer dispensers come with their own stand while others don’t. 

If you decide to mount it onto a wall to keep steady in one place, you might not need the sanitizer stand.

However, if you want to transfer the touchless hand sanitizer dispenser from one place to another, you essentially need the sanitizer stand to make it mobile. 

Usually, you need the touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser to be mobile when you use it on entrances and exits during business hours and store it someplace else when your business closes for the day. 

Having the sanitizer stand in the package offers more flexibility but can also mean a little bit more cost. 

To make the most out of it, choose a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser that comes with an arched base because it offers more stability and sturdiness. 


Even if you accidentally hit it, it will stay upright. 

It’s also good if you choose one with an adjustable height feature to cater to the general height of your users.

  1. Convenient Installation

You’d agree when I say nothing is more burdensome than when you assemble a piece of equipment that doesn’t come with its own installation tools and screws. 

Without these in the package, you’ll need extra time figuring out what screwdrivers and screws to use to get it set up.  

Having the tools in the package means installation will be more convenient for you. It does add a bit to the cost but it’s way more affordable and convenient than a drive to the local hardware store to buy these things yourself and ending up getting the wrong ones. 


With the tools on hand, you can assemble your touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser in as fast as 3 minutes making room for the more important tasks you need to finish in your day.

  1. Casing Material

A tough casing and a stable frame mean more durability. To maximize use, a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser must be able to withstand accidental falls. 

High-quality ABS plastic has great impact strength, is corrosion-resistant, is heat resistant, and non-toxic.

If you’re familiar with LEGO toys, this material is the same one used in it. 

Ever stepped on one? Then you can personally attest to how solid it is. 

If you’re interested to know more about the ABS plastic, check out the blog “How To Care For Your Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser”. 

  1. Infrared Induction Speed

The best feature of an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is being able to dispense sanitizer without contact. The faster it discharges, the more efficient it is, and the better the experience users will have. 

If your touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser can discharge the sanitizer in 0.2 seconds flat, employees and customers will find hand hygiene most convenient. 

  1. Large Capacity Tank

The bigger the tank, the more sanitizer it holds, the lesser need for constant refills especially when the touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser is used heavily. 

The SaniCure touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser product line has 3 variants: the 1000ml, 1,200ml, and 1,500 ml tank capacity.

On average these 3 variants dispenses a standard amount of 0.7ml per discharge. 

For the 1000ml variant, it can dispense at least 1,400 times before needing a refill.

The 1,200ml variant can dispense 1,700 times on average.

And the 1,500ml variant can dispense more than 2,100 times before going empty.

  1. Satisfaction Guarantee

A touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser provider must be able to provide great after-care so you can have the best purchase experience. 

At Joint Stars, customer satisfaction is of high priority. We offer on-call customer support 24 hours a day to assist you in any help you need with your touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser.

We also offer a 30-day replacement warranty if the unit needs replacement. Plus, you can request a replacement unlimited times within this period. 

Since Joint Stars want the best experience for you, we use a 2–3-day premium delivery service, your replacement unit will be there in no time. 

Those who don’t offer after-care services can be relatively cheaper. But looking in the long-run, you’ll end up with more cost because without customer support readily available, you will need to replace your touch-free hand-sanitizer dispenser prematurely. 

Joint Stars won’t leave you hanging. We are committed to helping you keep a safe environment to work and do business with. 

We want you to have the peace of mind knowing you’re keeping your business as safe as possible. 

Our goal is to help you encourage hand hygiene in the workplace by making it as convenient as it can get.

After all, convenience and peace of mind are priceless. 

The best thing is, even with all the functionality costs, Joint Stars offer premium quality products without the hefty price tags.

Depending on the tank size, we offer touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers costing from $99.99 to $129.99. 

Packed with premium features but still as cost-effective as possible. 

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