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Show Your Employees You Care For Them On National Compliment Day

Show Your Employees You Care For Them On National Compliment Day

“Everybody likes a compliment” – Abraham Lincoln

Your workforce worked well despite the pandemic and since the National Compliment Day is coming up it’s time for some well-deserved appreciation. 

Psychology proves humans thrive when given compliments. 

A study was conducted to discover the effects of receiving compliments. An MRI device was used to scan the participants’ brains. 

The scan revealed receiving compliments had activation in the reward area of the brain called the striatum. Receiving compliments even made some forego monetary benefits. The study revealed people would rather help and be complimented than receive money for it. 

Other research findings even proved favorable for business owners. It showed getting compliments can improve work performance and encourage employees to learn more. 

The study involved participants asked to try out a new skill. 1/3 of the participants were praised for their own performance, another 1/3 received praise for another person’s performance, and the last group didn’t receive any compliments at all. 

The following day, those who were complimented for their own performance performed better than the other 2 groups. 

See the powerful effect of compliments?

A simple genuine compliment allows you to give credit where it is due and best of all brighten an employee’s day to make them perform better. 

An article from USA Today backs up this point by highlighting that compliments in the workplace are not just about making anyone feel good. It’s also “about company performance”. 

Really, people function better when their work is validated and valued. 

Giving compliments is not just a powerful social skill, but also a fundamental one. It’s one of the finest tools to develop your relationship with your workforce. 

It encourages an atmosphere of positivity between you and your employees, a social lubricant that enhances receptivity and work performance. 

But the questions are:

How do you make your employees feel valued and appreciated?

How do you make them feel they are not just tools to keep the revenue rolling?

Here are some simple tips:

  1. Verbal Praise

Why not stop by your employee’s desk or work station and give a sincere and specific commendation? Complimenting words with either a high-five, a fist bump, or even a handshake will do a great deal in showing your appreciation. 

  1. Write A Note And Stick It On Their Work Area

Tangible compliments have lasting power. Putting your appreciation into words will surely land your note in the treasured things box. 


A few genuine thoughts go a long way in boosting their morale. 

  1. Email The Appreciation

If you’re the techy boss, you might fancy emails than stickie notes. A genuine appreciation email will definitely get a favorites mark. 

  1. Treat Them For A Meal

If you have the budget for it, why not treat them to pizza, Chinese takeout, or whatever they like after a job well done at work?

Not only will it get their tummy satisfied, but it’s also another tangible way to make them feel you appreciate the work they put in encouraging them to strive to give their best every day.

Now with the pandemic happening around the world, is there a unique way to make your employees feel your genuine concern and appreciation for them?

How would you make them feel you care for their general welfare? Their health?

Joint Stars can help you with the solution. 

One way to make a lasting impression is to help them develop their hand hygiene habits to keep them safe against the Coronavirus by making it as convenient for them as possible. 

By installing a sanitizer station, you’ll give an indelible impact on your care for them. 

Having a sanitizer station in your workplace will convey the message of you as their employer who sees them as coworkers or compliments in achieving your business’s goals. 


Think about it:

If on National Compliment day your employees see a newly installed sanitizer station for them to use, what will they recall every time they see it?

They’ll get reminded of an employer who showed his appreciation for them by making them feel he cares for their health by gifting them with a sanitizer station to keep them safe from the virus. 

A simple note to tell them they are valued and this is proof of it will go a long way. 

Every single time they see and use it, they’ll get reminded you care for their wellness. 

It’s an everyday proof you put in place to make them see they’re not just mere tools to keep the revenue rolling, that they’re actually compliments in helping you scale the business. 

This way, you acknowledge they’re important, you validate the essence of their contribution to your business. 

When they feel they are more than just instruments you hired but actual compliments with important roles for the business growth, as revealed in the studies, they will be more motivated to give their best work performance. 

Striking two birds with one stone! You validate your employees' contribution plus you amp up their work performance which helps scale your business.

What better way to make people feel you care for them than by attending to their health and safety at work. 

Celebrate Compliment Day every day by providing a daily reminder of how you validate your employees' contribution to your business. 

At Joint Stars, we present our SaniCure easily-installable touch free hand sanitizer dispenser to help you encourage hand hygiene and safety in the workplace. 

Also doubling as a National Compliment Day gift, you’ll be able to show your appreciation for your workforce leaving a long-lasting impact on them. 

Compliment your business compliments in a unique way with SaniCure touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser, boosting morale and boosting work safety in one go. 

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