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How A Coronavirus Staple Improves Customer Confidence And Sense Of Security

How A Coronavirus Staple Improves Customer Confidence And Sense Of Security 

After the first American died from Covid-19 back in February 2020, the demand for hand sanitizers soared to 300% when compared to the same period a year earlier. 

A week later, the demand further increased with an upsurge that went to 470%. This demand made $200 million-plus annual sales an easy conclusion according to Nielsen. 

From supermarkets to pharmacies, it’s all too expected to find empty shelves in the sanitizer section. This demand and the shortage it resulted caused law-enforcement agencies in different states to enforce sanctions for price-gouging. 

Imagine an 8-ounce bottle of sanitizer that used to cost $2.50 then cost a staggering $90!

Since the pandemic hit, hand sanitizers turned from being an optional tool to a coronavirus staple. 

Every few minutes and every touch of a common surface, applying hand sanitizer have become muscle memory. 


Because fighting an invisible virus (at least to the naked eye) has put a threat to everything we touch and grab and it’s all too inevitable that people will unknowingly touch their faces at some point. 

More than ever, people from around the world have realized how keeping their hands clean is one of the best things they can do to fight Covid-19. 

So, is this indispensable tool still an optional extra to your business?

Staying Safe During A Beauty Fix

By the time hand sanitizers have become a staple, a visit to the salon has become a luxury. Imagine how the world has turned.

I don’t know about you but most people I know don’t even dare to look at the mirror anymore because of their quarantine look. 

And while some have the guts to go out and visit their favorite salon, a lot of people are still apprehensive about getting their nails or their hair done. 


The pandemic isn’t over after all and although some restrictions have eased the new virus strain has caused another wave of panic to many. 

If you’re a salon owner, how can you make your salon a safe place to get a fresh new look?

Think about it:

No matter how good your services are if you can’t guarantee safety, people won’t come. 

Safety is people’s priority. 

However, if you can foster safety in your salon, people will be more confident to visit your place for some hair or nail service. They’ll get to sense the security you can bring which will move them to go out of their houses and yet still feel as safe. 

The question is, how can you nurture this kind of security in your salon?

The key is to make them feel you’re doing your part to eliminate the spread and presence of the virus. 

For a service that requires physical contact with clients, this will be a challenging task. But mind you, challenging, not impossible. 

There are 7 things you can do to make your salon a safe place to visit during the pandemic. I’ve prepared the comprehensive list for you but just as an overview, the gist of this list boils down to what I said earlier; eliminating virus spread and presence. 

Virus-Free Touch In Spas

Just like salons, the spa industry inevitably offers services that require physical contact between the employee and the client. Well unless you mainly offer massage chairs, you’re off the list. 

The difference spas have with salons are, spas involve a lot more physical interaction.

Salons usually involve just the hair and nails, the closest you can get to the face is the ear and forehead area. Whereas with spas, the massage includes the general area of the face, the location of the virus entry points. 


This can mean more risk of virus spread and logically, this makes up the biggest concern your clients will have. 

Again, challenging, but not entirely impossible. 

If you can offer a soothing and restful massage together with an utmost level of safety, patrons will have the most relaxing experience in the most panicky of times. 

In the long run, this striking combination will make your spa an irresistible service to have.

Safe And Sumptuous Dining Experience

Before, the selling points of a good restaurant is the good ambiance, good service, and great food. Today, the standards have changed. Number one on the list is unequaled safety.

While the CDC notes there is yet to be evidence suggesting spreading of the virus is made through handling and eating food, another study reports people visiting restaurants had a higher percentage of testing positive than those who didn’t. 

If food is not the cause of the spread, the indoor setting and common surfaces are highly likely to be making the huge number of people prefer celebrating special occasions at home rather than bringing the merriment to restaurants. 


The thing is, if you can address the safety concerns of people visiting your restaurant, nothing will hold them back from taking advantage of a sumptuous dining experience you can offer. 

Best of all, you can turn occasional dining into frequent ones. 

But again, this will only be possible if you can assure the safety of everybody in the restaurant. From the people handling food down to those who consume it. 

Think about it:

If restaurant patrons are fully confident about their safety, the absence of fear will make them enjoy their food better. 

Studies showed anxiety can decrease the perception of taste. If people can’t get a sense of security in your restaurant, even if they took the move of visiting it, they won’t end up enjoying the food altogether. 

If they don’t enjoy the food, they’ll be less likely to come back. 

So, it’s not a joke when I say making them feel safe makes the food taste better!

Clean Hands For A Safe Church Worship

Since the pandemic, churches went from physical services to virtual services. Those who knew nothing about Zoom before having become an expert on it over time. Other churches opted to stream through television channels instead of using internet mediums. 

However, as the restrictions eased, churches have been allowed to conduct physical services again, albeit a limited number of people imposed. 


However, physical distancing alone is not enough to assure safe worship when going back to churches. 

Some time ago I passed by a church that went the extra mile to set up sinks for soap and water handwashing. The problem is, I’ve never seen a single churchgoer drop by it to wash their hands.

Although a hand sanitation facility is provided, it didn’t ensure a high practice of hand hygiene to improve people’s safety. 

However, if the practice of hand hygiene had been made more convenient and efficient, people will be more inclined to sanitize their hands. 

Encouraging hand hygiene, the easiest way possible makes people more disposed to practicing it. 

A Safe Place For Check-Up And Treatment

Recently, I had a friend whose mom complained of backaches but is adamant about getting a check-up afraid she might get another sickness in her visit to get a cure. 

Ironic as it may seem, people shy away from visiting a doctor to get treated for the fear they might contract the virus along the way. 

Hospitals and clinics are hotspots for viruses. 

People would rather suffer the debilitating pain rather than get Covid-19. 

The need for doctor’s consultation seemed to decrease because fewer people are willing to get checked. But the thing is, the reality is quite opposite, people need a doctor’s advice more than ever. 

While self-care can work in limited cases, in most of them, a doctor has to be involved.


But how can you make patients more willing to get the consultation and treatment they need?

The key lies in setting a seal on their safety by putting precautions in place once they visit your clinic.

Safety Precautions Dispense An Efficient And Safe Workplace

The pandemic resulted in an unforgettable dark economic period. Sadly, several businesses had to close down and for the fortunate ones that remained, business is never the usual anymore. 

Safety precautions had to be put in place which resulted in a limited workforce on certain days or substantial investment for safety equipment like UV sterilizers, physical barriers, visual cue stickers, thermal scanners, and more. 

However, these alone don’t ensure a safe workplace. Each person going in and out of the workplace has a role. They can bring and leave the virus inside or carry it elsewhere to be spread without them knowing. 

In many cases, workplaces had to be shut down for days upon finding out an employee or a recent client that visited contracted the virus. 

Others who were able to control the spread still hand to manage with a limited workforce, significantly decreasing operation outputs. 


The spread of the virus can be controlled when surfaces are kept virus-free. But logically, you can’t keep the UV sterilizer running 24/7, right?

The hands that hold those surfaces have to be kept clean as well. 

A visit to the washroom for hand-washing with soap and water would help but honestly, it’s not practical to head there every time you touch a surface.

Touch-free hand sanitizer stations will do a great deal in encouraging employees and clients to practice hand hygiene, whether required of them or not. 

It’s easy and fast functionality won’t disrupt the work process but instead improve safety so everyone can stay as safe and productive as possible. 

If employees are healthy and well, you’d have a 100% working workforce so every task gets taken cared of. Plus, you’ll get clients 100% confident to visit your store and do business with you knowing precautions are in place to keep them as safe as possible. 

A touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser which seemed to be an optional luxury for businesses before has now truly turned into a coronavirus staple. 

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