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Sanitizers You Can Use For Your Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Sanitizers You Can Use For Your Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Now you’re probably considering getting a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser for your workplace realizing the benefits it could bring to you, your employees, and you’re clients.

Of course, having your touchless hand sanitizer dispenser will mean you’ll also need an ample supply of hand sanitizers to use for it. You might be thinking of getting it in bulk for a week or even a month’s supply. 

How do you make sure you get the right sanitizer for your automatic hand sanitizer dispenser? Clearly, you want to get the right sanitizer that works well with your touchless hand sanitizer dispenser. 

Let’s dive into answering those questions. 

What Sanitizers Can You Use For Your Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

Gel-based sanitizers are compatible with your touchless hand sanitizer dispenser. The main goal is to kill bacteria and viruses on your hands. As long as the sanitizer has alcohol levels between 65% and 95% it can do the job. 

Since the pandemic, people have become more conscious of their hand hygiene. You’re probably one of those people who have a carry-on sanitizer who use it too frequently. 

With the constant of using germ-killing products, many have complained of having dry hands, especially when using liquid alcohol.  Are you one of them?

Gel-based hand sanitizers have a flowy texture making them smoother to apply. Because of its smoothness, it’s easy to spread into the nooks and crannies of your hands. Plus, many people prefer it over liquid sanitizers because it doesn’t leave your hands dry. 

If you use gel-based sanitizer for your touchless hand sanitizer dispenser, because it doesn’t flow as fast as liquid sanitizers, you’ll see fewer unnecessary drips on the floor. 

Do I Need To Use A Specific Sanitizer Brand For My Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

No, you can use most-free flowing sanitizers for your sanitizer stand. What’s good about using a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser is having the flexibility to use any sanitizer brand available in the market. 

You won’t have to worry if you’re commonly used brand is currently not available at your local grocery or hardware store. You have the freedom to use whatever sanitizer is available on the shelf. 

Having the flexibility of using any available sanitizer on the market allows you to encourage everybody to practice hand hygiene minus the worry of running out of supply.

What if there’s no sanitizer available on the market? Why do you now?

Can I Make My Own Sanitizer?

Making your own sanitizer requires professional expertise to ensure the sanitizer is utilized properly and made safely. If you know anyone or someone in your workforce who has the needed skills, you can produce your sanitizer if there’s really none available in your local supplier. 

However, if you can easily find it in the stores, it’s better if you purchase sanitizers than make one to make it safer and more convenient for you. 

But then again if you find yourself in a store with no sanitizers in sight, especially if there’s another surge in demand because of an outbreak,  making your own might be your only solution. 

The World Health Organization has outlined a guideline you can follow if making your own sanitizer is your only option left. You can download a PDF copy of the guideline here

However to summarize, here is a 7-step infographic you check out:


Just keep always remember experts are needed when you decide to make your own sanitizer. 

When choosing what sanitizer to use for your touchless hand sanitizer dispenser, just remember 2 of the most important things you should remember are:

  1. It should be free-flowing so it gets dispensed easily.
  1. It should have 65%-95% alcohol content to effectively kill the germs.

Getting the right sanitizer for your automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is not a hassle. Promoting regular hand hygiene shouldn’t be. Because if it was, people would skip the practice and we don’t want that to happen.

To promote a safe and healthy work environment, hand hygiene should be convenient, and easily finding a suitable sanitizer for your dispenser makes it so. 

Knowing there’s a wide choice of sanitizers to use for your automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is another great reason for you to use one in your workplace. 

Everything about a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser is convenient and efficient. From setting it up, to choosing what sanitizer to use for it, down to storing it when not in use. 

If it’s this easy to practice hand hygiene, you’ll have a safer workplace for your employees and for your customers to do business in. 

As a whole, you help prevent a further spread of the Coronavirus. Making hand hygiene convenient encourages people to have virus-free hands and in turn, making us one step closer to bringing back the “old normal” people thoroughly long for over a year now. 

By simply proving an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in your business, you make the world a safer place to live in. 

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