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Top 5 Benefits Of Using A Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Top 5 Benefits Of Using A Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

To summarize the wide array of benefits you can enjoy when using a touch-free hand sanitizer, it would be an Efficient and Convenient way to keep people safe from Covid-19 and other viruses and bacteria. 

A touch-free hand sanitizer is efficient because it can fill-in for personnel solely assigned to squirt sanitizers on the hands of people in an entrance queue.  You don’t have to reassign someone with another role to do this task or you don’t have to hire additional personnel for this job. 

It’s also convenient because it comes with a sanitizer stand so you can place and transfer it to different places where there’s a high-traffic of people. 

When stored, you can easily assemble it back together in just 3 minutes, saving you time to do more important things. 

On a user’s end, keeping their hands clean is easy and fast because it squirts the sanitizer in 0.2 seconds flat. No need to fumble on your pocket or your bag for your sanitizer spray. 

But you might ask: are those the only benefits I can enjoy from using an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser? 

We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of all the benefits you can derive from using a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser. 

  1. One Less Common Contact Point

Touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers can provide sanitation methods that far outweigh what a manual sanitizer dispenser can give. 

The “touchless” feature allows for less contact on commonly touched surfaces which reduces the spread of germs. 

Think about it:

If you pump sanitizer from a manual sanitizer dispenser it’s certain you get some or most of the lurking germs on the pump point which means more germs in your hands. 

The CDC’s best recommendation is to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds because it kills more germs than just using a sanitizer. However, it’s not always possible to wash your hands every time you touch something. Putting on sanitizer is the next best thing.

But what’s my point? 

If a sanitizer can’t kill as many germs as soap does, and you touch a germ-infested common surface, the sanitizer has more germs to kill than when you use a no-touch hand sanitizer. 

This means although you applied sanitizer on your hands, more germs from the pump point of the manual sanitizer dispenser will stay on your hands, making you less safe from contracting a virus-like Covid-19. 

On the other hand, if you use a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser, you’ll be cleaning your hands without adding more germs to them in the process, removing the risk that comes from unnecessarily touching public surfaces. 

The motion sensor from the touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers saves you from accumulating more germs into your hands. 

  1. Easy Access Improves Hand Hygiene

Whether mounted in an office wall or positioned using a sanitizer stand along hallways of high-traffic areas, having an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser automatically encourages people to make use of it.


Both employees and customers won’t be tempted to skip hand hygiene like they would when required to visit a restroom to wash their hands. 

A trip to the restroom can take minutes, squirting sanitizer from a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser just takes less than a second!

In the long run, this will contribute to the declining cases of people getting sick in your work area, making the workplace more productive. 

  1. Economical For The Long Term

It can seem pricey at first glance, however, if you look at it in the long term, keeping in mind you don’t have to hire additional personnel to do the work and less workforce are getting sick, you’ll realize it saves you a lot of money to spend on more important matters.

A salary bonus for instance? Your employees will love you more and do their job better!

Also, an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser discharges sanitizer in uniform amounts. People won’t be tempted to dispense more than they need which means a sanitizer budget for a single day can be used for up to 2-3 days. 

Plus it has standby mode to extend battery life, removing the nuisance of constantly replacing batteries. 

If this is the case, this means more revenue for your business. 

  1. Offers Flexibility 

A touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser doesn’t limit you to using one product alone. You can use either a mist-based or a gel-based product, whatever is available as long as it has at least 60% alcohol to effectively kill the germs in your hands. 

  1. It Contributes To A High-End Ambiance

You’ll mostly see touchless hand sanitizer dispensers in airport bars, high-class hotels, salons, and spas because of their modern and unobtrusive appearance. Having it in your business attracts more customers seeing you care for them and contribute to their peace of mind knowing safety is important in your business. 

What would you choose? A salon with employees not wearing facemasks, face shields, and no sanitizer stations in place? Or one with employees and facilities hygienically ready to serve you? 

No-brainer, right?

Whether you’re looking for a way to keep your business disease-free or mitigate the spread of Covid-19 or other viruses in your workplace, touch free hand sanitizer dispensers can do well to help minimize your health and safety worries in the workplace. 

You just don’t keep yourself safe, you also make your employees comfortable going to work and customers will have peace of mind knowing they’re doing business in a safety-conscious environment. 

Although Covid-19 vaccines are slowly getting their way into many countries, the risk of the disease catching up on you is still very high. And even though it’s over and done with, it’s not the only virus we have to fight against. 

There’s still E. Coli, Salmonella, amoeba, and various swine flu diseases to name a few. 

Here at Joint Stars, we aim for health and safety to be a way of life. It’s our goal that by you, using our touchless hand sanitizer dispensers to encourage efficient and convenient hand hygiene, the world will be a safer place to live in not just for us but also for future generations.

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