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What Are The Functions Of A Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

What Are The Functions Of A Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

More than ever, people around the world adapt a high consciousness to hand hygiene. With the Coronavirus looming just around any surface, the risk of getting the disease and suffering its effects is highly possible.

Add to that the new strain that’s spreading steadily from one country to another.

Are you a business owner? Do you have a large workforce with important roles in the workplace? Do you deal with clients every day?

If so, you’re more than aware of the risk this poses on you and the people around you.

You need your workforce present 100% to do their job and you need a steady flow of clients to keep the revenue coming in.

Think about this:

People who report to a workplace spend at least 40 hours a week in it. Most people though, spend more time than that because of the surmounting workload. This makes your workplace a hotbed for bacteria and viruses.


Whether you like it or not, employees use their hands to work. (You can’t type up a report using your feet of course!)

Other than that, several people still practice handshaking when meeting clients, people open doors and cabinets, they use the photocopy machine, they close the sink, and touch so many more public surfaces.

These things expose everybody’s hands to viruses.

In 2015 alone, the CDCfoundation.org linked illnesses to productivity loss costing business owners over $225.8 billion annually.

Imagine the surge 4 years later with the pandemic going on.

People are getting sick here and there, minimizing the workforce presence and increasing the medical bills you have to cover.

Germs and viruses are everywhere and they are not visible to the naked eye. That’s why hand hygiene cannot be overemphasized.

In fact, proper hand hygiene has been reported to decrease workforce absenteeism by up to 40%.

This means less medical costs for you and you can keep the business operation to the maximum knowing you have a full healthy workforce ready to do their jobs.

What Are The Functions Of A Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

Primarily,  the function of a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser is to encourage convenient hand hygiene to promote safety from Covid-19 in the workplace for employees and clients alike.


How does it encourage convenient hand hygiene?

Of course, you can’t head to the CR to wash with soap and water every time you touch a public surface. That would be tiring and time-consuming. If practicing hand hygiene is this tedious, people would rather skip it, putting everybody at a higher risk of getting the Coronavirus.

However, if they can just conveniently pass by a sanitizer station, position their hand under the sensor, and dispensed an amount of sanitizer in just 0.2 seconds, they’ll be more likely to practice hand hygiene.

Convenience and speed a touch-free hand sanitizer offers will encourage employees and clients to keep their hands clean.

Not just that, having a touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser is cost-effective. Why do you say so when you have to buy the equipment?

Yes, you might initially have to spend on the touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser equipment. However, the ongoing cost for this is way lesser than when you use a manual version.

First, the sanitizer is dispensed in pre-set increments. This reduces unnecessary waste and drips off the sanitizer lessening the times it’ll need a refill.

Second, seeing you keep safety a priority, more potential clients will be encouraged to do business with you. The revenue you get from it will cover more than the cost you‘ve shed for buying the equipment.

A touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser is versatile, cost-effective, and convenient so it’s great to have in high-traffic areas and strategic office locations to encourage people coming to your workplace to stay as virus-free as possible making it a healthier environment to be in.

Where Is It Best To Put The Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

As touched on in the blog: What Is A Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser this hand hygiene equipment if good for:

  1. Entrances and Exits

People from who knows where might transfer any virus they’ve carried to doorknobs and door handles. 40%-60% of people are bound to pick it up because a virus can last on it for as long as 2-4 hours.

Placing an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser in these areas gets rid of the virus they could possibly bring in.

  1. Conference or Meeting Rooms

People shake their hands, sign on documents, and pass them around. One person with the virus in this room can spread it to everybody present.

  1. Outside Restrooms

But I just washed my hands! Yes, but you touched the door or the doorknob to go out and germs lurk there too.

  1. High-traffic Places

Talking people you pass by can unknowingly spread the virus to you so keeping your hands clean while in these places is important.

Other than these 4 areas touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers are also needed in:

  1. Break Rooms and Cafeterias

Food is consumed in these places. You hold cabinet handles, water heaters, microwaves, the fridge, and all other surfaces people touch, then you eat food.

There are higher chances of ingesting viruses in these areas so an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is essential.

  1. Near Office Cubicles and Desks

Phones, papers, keyboards, and high virus transfer points. These places become a minefield of bacteria and viruses because people stay here most of the time. Sometimes they drink, eat here, sneeze, and cough.

A touchless hand sanitizer dispenser within reach encourages them to keep their work station as clean as possible.

  1. Transaction Counters

In a 2017 study by journals.plos.org $1 bills revealed to carry hundreds of microorganisms.

Money is one of the dirtiest things you touch daily and you’ll mostly use them in transaction counters. To kill off the germs from the money you touched, a nearby automatic hand sanitizer dispenser will do the job.


Promoting hand hygiene is only effective when people practice them. People practice them when it’s convenient to do so especially in a hectic environment.

As a business owner, you can do so much to keep a healthy working environment. You can encourage employees and clients to keep their hands clean when you make it convenient for them to do so. 

We at Joint Stars want to help you keep a healthy working environment. Our touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers will help do the job of providing hand hygiene equipment people can conveniently use while costing so much for you. 

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